New offerings from Germinal Knowledge !!

NEW : Training in Conflict Management in the Workplace for the non-professional mediator ("catalyst")

As professional mediators, we at Germinal Knowledge have realized that, for interpersonal conflicts, the process of conflict mediation is actually responsible for resolving a large percentage of conflicts.

What does this mean?

Well, basically it means that anyone can learn to put the process in place and help others resolve their conflicts without special training as a mediator.

Sounds interesting, but still not clear how it works!

Ok, here is how it works: The conflict mediation process, the world over, looks like this:

Now, in our new training, you learn how to play the role of the catalyst.

If you become a catalyst, practice and enjoy helping others resolve their conflicts, and want to become a professional mediator, and more, then read on:

NEW : Mediator Certification

Many mediator certification are primarily theoretical. The trainees hear the speaker tell about how to resolve conflict, but there is no practical, supervised experience.

Germinal offers a mediator certification including:

The Artisan of Peace: the advanced certification

The Artisan of Peace is an advanced Mediation and Human Development Consultant qualification. There are four steps in the qualification: